Software for Clinical Labs Medical Laboratory

PC Clerk™ SmartLab

Complete software for Clinical Labs Medical Laboratory fully functional latest technology advanced features

PC Clerk™ SmartLab is exclusively designed software for Clinical Labs and Medical Laboratory. PC Clerk SmartLab is very helpful to collect and record patient details and specimen details. Its quick and precise reports give accurate status of the clinical examinations. This software can easily generate and print medical laboratory report, medical investigation reports, which looks stylish and informative Its user friendly interface helps to make the billing faster and error free, on-line account posting reduce account posting time

clinical lab softaware for medical laboratory

Modules & Features

Monitor Pending Reports and Receipts

Monitor inventory movements by tracking detailed

Investigation history

Stylish Report Printing

Highly customizable Report Printing Formats

Lab Technician Details

Tracking uncollected and payable bills

Flexible aged Payables and Receivables

Maintaining partial payments for any invoice

Allow prepayment of invoice

Allows extensive on-screen inquiries such as balances, aging, and invoice history

Control issued and received cheque on daily basis

Register to monitor PDC(s) issued/ received

Option to post to Bank on date of realization Automatically from register

System warns if insufficient fund for issued PDC's


Easy to use, On-line Account Posting,Quick and Accurate Reporting

Quick and Accurate Reporting, Minimum data entry

Easy to make Laboratory Report and Investigation reports for printing

On-line Account Posting, Minimum data entry, instant feed back on day to day activities

All reports are M.S Office Compatible, Operator activity history