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PC Clerk™ MediSmart+

PC Clerk™ MediSmart + is software designed as a comprehensive solution to automate the business activities of Medical / Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Distributors. It is designed with an easy-to-use user interface. PC Clerk™ MediSmart + is an automated system, which covers Complete Accounting, Billing, Customer Management, Inventory Reporting, Product database etc. Thus this software is a Complete MIS tool for pharmaceutical business management both for large and medium Medical/Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Distributors.

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Modules & Features

Purchase details–Product, batch no:,expiry,discount,cess, purchase history etc.

Order form – Purchase shortlists based on pre defined formula

Expiry check on purchase

Powerful reports–Company-wise, item-wise,bill-wise etc.

Generate Debit Note / Purchase Return

Flexibility to track item flow.

Flexibility to categorize, move, add or reduce stocks

Non moving products – identify, classify and eliminate

List of inventory related reports

Stock and sales

Stock as on date

Damage transfer with details

Accounts are based on double entry book keeping system.

All books of accounts like Cash & Bank-Book,Adjust-Debit, Debit/Credit Notes, Creditor's/Debtors Ledger, Sales /Purchase Registers, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet are maintained as per statutory regulations.

Ageing analysis of debtors and creditors

Quick, accurate & detailed bills with taxes, discounts, batch no., expiry, buyer details etc.

Generate Credit notes & Debit notes

Easily manage expiry / short expiry and avoid sale of expired products

Last sale price of any item to any particular customer can be accessed

Delivery note

Define free issue details and access this info during sales

Editing facility of bills (User controlled).

FIFO / LIFO or as specified

Generate bill-wise, day-wise and item-wise statements from sales register

Online account posting

Wide variety of useful reports that provide information on sales, purchase, stocks and accounts.

Drill down facility has been provided with all reports.

Fine tune the reports with filter criteria

Representative / Salesman - wise sales reports

A cross section of reports include Purchase report, sales report, stock report, Outstanding bills report, Area-wise sales report,Free issue details report,stock,sales report etc.

All reports are customizable & exportable to MS Excel, MS Word & Text formats.


Daily business functions are made easy, Customizable & expandable

Purchase, sales, inventory and complete accounting with financial reports like P&L, Balance Sheet etc.

Wide variety of useful reports have been provided with drill down facility

Easy-to-use User friendly Graphical user interface

VAT Enabled Software, Easy back-up facility ensures data security

Generates e-file for tax returns at the click of a button

User Manager module allows user control by setting rights & restrictions

Information list views with key word search facility for faster data location

All inclusive help file provides help with all modules